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Spartak Akhmetov: Net Worth, Wiki, Lifestyle, Income, Salary, House

Are you looking for biography, net worth, height and other information about Spartak Akhmetov? Spartak Akhmetov is a famous Serbian football player. If you’re interested in learning more about Spartak Akhmetov Biography, Net Worth, Relationship Status, Age, Updated Info, and other information, check it out below. We are going to discuss all of the celebrity biography information in this article.

Spartak Akhmetov’s bio

If you want to be kept informed about Spartak Akhmetov’s biography, then check this part. Spartak Akhmetov is a popular and well-known celebrity in Russia. The superstar has a large fan base in various countries. Spartak Akhmetov was born on June 8, 1949. That means he’s currently 70 years old. The politician’s birth sign is cancer. He was born in Russia, Sterlibashevo.

There is not much data on the childhood of Spartak Akhmetov. However, it is known that he became interested in hobbies from a young age. Spartak Akhmetov is one of the most beloved and skilled people from Sterlibashevo. In addition to being famous, Shee is a talented celebrity. You can find more information on Spartak Akhmetov’s biography in the following overview:

SURNAME Spartak Akhmetov
PLACE OF BIRTH Russia, Sterlibashevo
AGE 70 years old
JOB Politician

Age and birthday countdown

In this section we will tell you about the age and birthday number of Spartak Akhmetov. Spartak Akhmetov was born in 1949. He is currently 70 years old. In other words, Spartak Akhmetov has lived for 71 years, 865 months, 3708 weeks, 25960 days, 623051 hours, 37383073 minutes. The superstar personality will be 22 years old next year. He was born in Russia, a small town in Sterlibashevo. Beyond that, no additional information about Spartak Akhmetov is available.

Lifestyle before fame:

Want to know how Spartak Akhmetov was before fame? Then this section of the article is for you. Spartak Akhmetov wasn’t that popular before he became famous. Spartak Akhmetov was like the average person. His lifestyle was very simple. Not many people spoke of his name on TV and on the internet before it became popular. As a result, there is very limited information on how Spartak Akhmetov was before he got all that fame and money.

Family & Relationship Status

In this section of the article we are going to talk about the family and relationship status of Spartak Akhmetov. Spartak Akhmetov lives happily with his family. We cannot find any information on Spartak Akhmetov’s marital status. In addition, there is no further information that the superstar makes public. We found various pieces of information about Spartak Akhmetov’s relationship and family. However, we will not share the information as we cannot verify it.

Spartak Akhmetov Dating

Are you interested in dating Spartak Akhmetov? Then read the paragraph on. Spartak Akhmetov dating and relationship are discussed in this section. According to our research, there is not much information available on Spartak Akhmetov dating. However, it is evident that the celebrity on the list dates a person to this day. Further details on the dating of Spartak Akhmetov are currently being reviewed.


Relationships are a part of everyone. However, celebrities are very sensitive about their relationship information. The same role applies to Spartak Akhmetov. Spartak Akhmetov has never disclosed information about his girlfriend or relationships on social media. We checked various sources for this information but found no reliable data. However, it is true that the superstar has at least one relationship. No further valid information is available about the friends of Spartak Akhmetov.

Family members

Is Spartak Akhmetov married? Who are Spartak Akhmetov’s family and relatives? Read on to find out the information about the celebrity. Very little information is available about Spartak Akhmetov’s family and relatives. As a rule, the data is not disclosed on the Internet for various reasons relating to personality. When we find the information about family and relatives, we will let you know about the article.

father Not known
mother Not known
siblings Not known

Spartak Akhmetov net worth

Can’t wait to find out more about the Spartak Akhmetov Net Worth, Average Monthly Income, and Monthly Spends? Then this part of the article is written for you. As a popular and skillful person, Spartak Akhmetov makes a lot of money. Spartak Akhmetov’s main source of income comes from his profession. He can also make money from other sources. Spartak Akhmetov’s net worth is yet to be confirmed. According to some sources, here is what we have about Spartak Akhmetov Net Worth:

Source of wealth Estimated Net Worth ($) Verification status
NetworthsWikia $ 3 million Will be checked $ 5 million Verified $ 1 million Verified $ 5 million Verified $ 1.5 million Verified

The average monthly salary of Spartak Akhmetov

Spartak Akhmetov’s monthly income comes from his job. As a successful person, Spartak Akhmetov is also awarded the average monthly income. However, no source confirms Spartak Akhmetov’s monthly salary. Since we cannot verify the person’s average monthly income, we do not disclose any information about this. Here is Spartak Akhmetov’s monthly income statement:

Average salary (monthly) Will be checked
Average salary (annually) Will be checked
Source of income Politician
TVC revenue Will be checked
Social Media Income Will be checked
Income from various sources Will be checked
Estimated Net Value: Not available

Spartak Akhmetov Average monthly expenses

Spartak Akhmetov’s monthly expenses are discussed in this part. The superstar does not reveal any information about how he is spending money. However, it is fairly certain that Spartak Akhmetov’s income will be used for daily and monthly expenses. He also spends a lot of money maintaining his lifestyle. A portion of the superstar’s money also goes to charity.

Eva Pevarello Average monthly expenses
rent Will be checked
Healthcare Will be checked
Groceries and household items Will be checked
Clothing & fashion Will be checked
entertainment Will be checked
Gifts and holidays Will be checked
Other Will be checked

Liabilities & encumbrances:

Liabilities and debts are part of everyone’s life. Almost everyone has to go through liabilities and pressures at least once in their life. Are you interested in Spartak Akhmetov’s liabilities and encumbrances? Then follow this part of the article carefully. We checked various sources on the internet about Spartak Akhmetov’s liabilities and encumbrances. According to our research, there is no source that discloses information on this matter. Since there is no verified information on this, we will not pass on anything in this regard.

Frequently asked questions about Spartak Akhmetov:

How does Spartak Akhmetov become successful?

Spartak Akhmetov is a well-known figure in Russia. Spartak Akhmetov began to work hard at a young age to be successful in life. He devoted most of his time to improving skills. So Spartak Akhmetov becomes very successful.

What is Spartak Akhmetov’s personality like?

Spartak Akhmetov has a decent personality. We don’t find any bad habits from this superstar. In addition, Spartak Akhmetov is very nice in practical life. That’s why he spends a lot on charity.

The age of Spartak Akhmetov this year?

Spartak Akhmetov is currently 70 years old. The famous celebrity will be 70 years old next year. The date of birth of Spartak Akhmetov is June 8th. He is a capricorn.

Is Spartak Akhmetov Dead or Alive? How old is he?

Spartak Akhmetov is currently 70 years old. According to our database and Wikipedia, Spartak Akhmetov is currently alive. We cannot find a source claiming that Spartak Akhmetov is dead.

Is Spartak Akhmetov married?

There are no sources to confirm Spartak Akhmetov’s marital status. The person also does not publicly disclose information about their marriage.

Some interesting facts about Spartak Akhmetov

  • Spartak Akhmetov is currently 21 years old.
  • Spartak Akhmetov is one of the most famous people in Sterlibashevo.
  • Spartak Akhmetov’s birth sign is cancer.
  • Spartak Akhmetov spends a lot of time improving his skills.


This is the biography of Spartak Akhmetov. Apart from his profession, Spartak Akhmetov is a decent person. We’ve covered a lot of information about Spartak Akhmetov above. We discussed the person’s date of birth, net worth, girlfriend, family, and monthly income. Most of the information about personality is gathered from various sources on the internet. Most of the information is valid and we cannot fully guarantee the accuracy of all information.