Nischay Malhan was born on November 14, 1995 in Delhi, known on the internet as Triggered Inssan. is an Indian YouTuber and PUBG live streamer based in New Delhi who is known for his commentary, roast, swear word and reaction videos on his YouTube channel. NISCHAY often roams Bollywood. Indian media as well as social media influences. He also has a live channel called Live Insaan where he uploads gaming videos like PUBG, Minecraft, and He Use To Upload. He is known for the famous Hindi dialogue “Oh Bhai… Maro Mujro Maro! have met.

Nischay Malhan’s parents and family-

Nischay Malhan’s father is called Vinay Malhan and his mother’s name is Dimpl Malhan’s brother – Abhishek Malhan, his mother is a housewife. He is very close to his mother and she has helped her become a successful YouTuber. She also has a food vlogging YouTube channel called Dimple Kitchen, where she makes food recipes.

Nischay Malhan’s physical measurement-

Nischay Malhan built a good and fit body. His height is 5 feet 9 inches and his balanced weight is 65 kg. He has good body measurements such as chest-waist-hips, dress size, shoe size etc. He has dark brown eyes and also has dark brown hair.

Nischay Malhan’s studies

College / UniversityIIT-Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Qualification, Electronics and Communication Technology Nischay Malhan completed his education at a private-public school in New Delhi, India. He was such a bright and talented student during high school that he was in both 10th grade. He has taken many competitive exams that are essential to engineering, including JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITS Pilani, IP University and many more. He appeared in Grade 8 on NTSE, SAT just to check his English proficiency and always scored 2100-2200 out of 2400. After graduating from high school, he went into engineering to get his degree in electronics and communications from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) – Delhi and completed his IIT degree there. He has passed many competitive exams that require JEE Mains for Engineering, JEE Advanced, BITS Pilani, IP University, and many more. He performed in Grade 8 on NTSE, SAT just to check his English proficiency and always scored 2100-2200 out of 2400. After graduating from high school, he went to IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) – Delhi for a degree in Electronics and Communication in Engineering and completed his IIT degree there.

Top favorite things from Nischay Malhan-

Food-Made Dosa, McDonald’s Maxperi Paneer. , Favorite Actor – Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Favorite Actress – Dishapatani, Favorite Singer – Neha Kakkar, Guru Randhawamovie Bahubali, Sportsman – Virat Kohli MS Dhoni Gammersol Mortal, Dynamo Gaming – You Tuber – Bhuvan Bam Gaurav Choudhary, Ash CarryManchinati,.

Nischay Malhan as Youtuber

Nischay Malhan quit the job and started making short videos at his parents’ house while his parents lied that he went to work every day. This went on until his videos went viral and he told his parents that he wanted to become a YouTuber. After that, he continued to post videos on YouTube and gradually became a successful and established YouTuber. Before he came up with the name Triggered Insa, he first called his channel Yes-Yes-Bhai. This is because his name will certainly be translated unambiguously into English. But he thought people couldn’t hear his name properly because his name is “Nishchay” in Hindi, but the priest who named him said his name was strange for two hours and changed it to AH. And he made Triggere Inssan out of it. He would see another YouTuber who had the word “Insaan” in his name and the trigger word came from the fact that his father would get angry with him easily. It was the decision of his surname.

Controversy over Nischay Malhan

Nischay Malhan first began working with Myth on April 26, 2020 in the game ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’, where he played online to complete fictional missions. Therefore, the series was successful and had two more episodes – 3 and 4. Mithpat also uploaded a video entitled “PHOTOSHOPPING INDIAN YOUTUBERS” on June 14, 2020, in which he played with the faces of various Indian YouTubers, including Nischay . Also, Myth had a pineapple design on his face, and after showing determination, he crossed his fingers. And later in Minecraft, Mythpat mysteriously lost his pet llama. This also included Nischai, the Lama was “confirmed” as “kidnapped” by Nischa. Also, many criticize Nischay’s determination to be a CarryMinati clone, despite both channels being YouTuber LeafyIsHere or others. Comment channels seem to have a similar influence on going.

Nischay Malhan’s career

Nischay Malhan began his career with a six-month internship in a private company. After graduating with a degree in electrical and communications engineering, he got a job in a private company, but after six months he quit because he was fed up with the job and wanted to pursue his passion for video making. Nischay Malhan YouTube Career Insecure Man After his passion he quit the job and didn’t apply for the next job, he has good talent and interest in doing comedy and funny videos on YouTube. He said – I’d say Trigger Man is just a kid who graduated from engineering and then decided to follow his passion of making videos on YouTube. He always left his house to lie to his parents about going to work, but he didn’t go to the office or any work. However, he asked his friends to video his parents later, however, he later told his parents that he was watching videos was shooting on YouTube when the video went viral. At first his father and mother got very angry, but later they accepted it. His short, funny commentary videos were accepted by people and then his channel started to grow. Then he told his parents that he wanted to be a YouTuber. And both started posting long videos on YouTube. He opened a YouTube channel called yes yes bhai, in which he does short roasts, reaction videos in which he roasted Dhinchak is very well known by Pooja and Narendra Modi. Trigger Insane YouTube Career Breakthrough He changed his name to Itz Nischay, which means “obviously” in English, which is from his real name, Nischay Malhan. But he thought that because of his Hindi pronunciation, people don’t get his name quickly and then he picks up a unique name for his channel. He later chooses his last name Triggered Insaan, where “Insaan” is a Hindi word meaning human and “Trigger” comes from his father who would get angry easily or trigger him every time. He combined the two and named his channel Triggered Insan. He had targeted Dhinchak Pooja for its roasting material. In his first 6-7 videos he shot Dhinchak Pooja with Narendra Modi, Sunny Deol, Aamir Khan and many others. From then on, his popularity became public. He is currently the most popular Youtuber in India after CarryMinati.