Josh Talk is a media platform that has grown incredibly and gained wide acceptance across India. It won the National Media Award in 2019 and was named the best startup in India for 2017. What makes Josh Talk unique is the way they present their ideas. You present it as a way to tell a story, captivate people, inspire them and give them hope. The idea of ​​this media platform is to inspire people through stories. Josh Talk staff believe the best way to transform people’s lives is to inspire them to set higher goals and improve their quality of life through a more positive attitude. All of this is possible and can be achieved through Josh Talk as it has touched the hearts of thousands of people across India. What gives this media platform a high level of awareness and popularity among the people is the fact that it addresses people in their regional language. Josh Talk works in multiple languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi, and Telugu.

Founding of josh talk-

Josh Talk was officially launched in 2015, starting out as simple conferences in Delhi and Bangalore in 2014. A year later the big move was complete and Josh Talk was founded by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul. Josh Talk is funded by renowned Indian investors such as Ritesh Malik and Sumit Ranka. According to its founders, Josh Talk aims to spark the aspirations of Young India and we can confidently say that Josh Talk is on the right track. It covers a wide range of topics, many more, and reaches a large number of people. Above all, it brings out the stories of small unknown villages of India and makes them famous. It disseminates stories from different parts of India and raises awareness of topics of national interest. The speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, such as social workers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics, administrators, athletes, writers, musicians, public figures, actors and artists. Josh talk has offices in India and Bangladesh with headquarters in Gurgaon, India. Josh Talk is currently covering cities 2 and 3 in India. In August 2017, Josh Talk launched monthly conferences in various Tier 2 cities across India.

Creative idea behind Josh Talk-

At a young age and during her college days, Supriya founded the company “Josh Talk”. What inspired them to start such a company was college, which attracted many young people from far-flung rural areas where they never left college. These people are never exposed to other places, other people and cultures and other ideas, events or ideas from India and outside. So she decided to try a new way of inspiring people and changing many stereotypes to encourage people, especially young people, to pursue their dreams. For the first year and a half, Supriya and Shobhit hosted several live shows, conferences, and lectures, all in English. Then Supriya admits that they reached out to the educated, well-exposed part of the people, not the actual part that got them talking to Josh. So in late 2016 he decided to speak Josh in Hindi. This new way of sharing stories is a major achievement. After that, another step was taken to reach more people translating the same thing into different languages ​​appropriate to their field. It was surprising that the conversations translated into regional languages ​​did not meet with the hoped-for acceptance. So she decided to take a different approach. This time the approach was more scientific. What they did was be physically in the areas they wanted to help with and come up with new ideas. He carried out studies and surveys and new topics arose accordingly. The way Josh Talk works now, Josh Talks not only adapt to the regional language, but also to regional concerns, problems, problems and favorite topics. The results of their research come on diverse and varied topics. Each region behaved like its own country with its own culture. For example, in some areas the problem of substance abuse is their main concern, while in other Bollywood issues their hot topic and in other areas women’s rights or poverty are their main concerns that drive them forward.

How Supriya markets your company-

Josh Talk has two communities, an online and an offline community. In the online community, all lectures are created and distributed in different languages. The offline community was difficult for them to reach, especially because none of the co-workers and founders of Josh talk are from these regions. She uses a variety of methods to reach her online community, such as local partnerships and regional media, as well as a “word of mouth” approach. In this approach, Josh is promoting himself by having a conversation. Regional college students or teachers sharing videos with students using Josh Talk. Another method is the “cross-community connection”, in which several media simultaneously promote Josh Talk. For example, a Josh Talk rep at a local college presenting a video about Josh Talk will simultaneously promote their college Facebook page and the local newspaper will be talking about it. In this way, Supriya and the team at Josh talk have managed to spread their company almost everywhere in India, even in the most remote places. Josh Talk touches souls every day and understands what young people need, dream or want. Just tell a story to inspire, encourage, and ultimately change life, to enjoy life for the better.

Usefulness of Josh Talk in Our Lives-

Josh talk By giving you access to the right role models, giving you detailed information about different career options, teaching you the right skills to be successful in life, and being by your side throughout the journey, we are working to create an ecosystem of Building tools and products that will help you reach your true potential.

The Personality of Josh Talk-

Josh talk With over 50 million people viewing our content over the course of 10 months and over 95,000 paying subcrebers each month learning with us, we believe we are just getting started. Trusted by partners like Facebook, Google, the United Nations, the Ford Foundation and more, our programs help young people in 850 cities across the country. It is no longer about who you are and where you come from, if you have ‘josh’ in your heart and ‘josh’ on your phone, nothing can stop you from doing good and that is our promise!

Josh talk and Josh talk headquarters received the award-

Josh Talk is an Indian media platform headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, providing content in 9 languages. Josh Talk received the National Media Award from the Honorable President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, and was also included in Forbes’ 2018 list for Asia 30 Under 30.