Baklole Video is an Indian comedy YouTube channel. This channel has been created by Pankaj Sharma since 2016. Pankaj Kumar is the owner and content writer of this channel. This channel is for entertainment, laughter and entertainment.

Pankaj Kuma is an Indian YouTuber known for his comedy on YouTube. He is a comedy producer. He has 6.95 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He runs a YouTube channel called “Bakol vide”. Pankaj Sharma was born on July 16, 1993 in Delhi, India. He spent his childhood in Delhi and graduated from Delhi University.

Some important references about Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj Sharma is famous for his comedy videos. The name of the Pankaj Sharma YouTube channel is Baklol vide. He has 169,000 followers on Instagram. Pankaj Sharma also runs a YouTube channel where he uploads comedy, dance and prank videos. He has over 6.94 subcrebers on YouTube.

Favorite things of Pankaj Sharma-

Pankaj Sharma’s favorite color is blue. Pankaj Sharma’s favorite actor is Akshay Kumar. Pankaj’s favorite actress is Alia Bhatt. His favorite sport is soccer. Pankaj Sharma’s favorite food is pizza. His favorite player is Virat Kohli. Sharma’s favorite place is Paris.

Pankaj Sharma की Lifestyle-

Pankaj Sharma does not consume alcohol. Pankaj doesn’t smoke cigarettes and Pankaj can’t swim. Pankaj doesn’t even do yoga. Pankaj Sharma likes to cook.