Akash Manhas makes web beast website. The Web Beast website helps create a blog privacy page. Akash is very good at creating useful tools for his subcrebers and the people on the website. Akash makes useful videos for his subcrebers and website fans.

Akash’s Social Media Follower

  • Instagram – 18.6k + followers.
  • Facebook page – 404+ followers.
  • Telegram channel – 10300+ followers.

Graduated from Akash Manhas-

  • He B.Tech graduated from the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar.

Characteristics of Akash Manha’s Web Beast-

Web Beast is a place where digital marketing gets better ranking and higher level. His Web Beast channel is all about actionable approaches. Consider subscribing to this channel to learn more about search engine optimization and increasing website traffic.

Akash Manha’s career

Akash Manhas completed his B.tech degree in Information Technology from NIT Srinagar. Akash is interested in coding related to his field. Akash said that he started blogging in 2015. He simply writes a blagg on the big days. He said that in his college, a student was building a website to make money. So he learns from her. Akash Manhas made the best web website in 2020. Akash worked hard on their websites for almost two years without expecting much in return, and now their websites have grown and their blog receives 35 million views a year. His first YouTube channel, Web Beast, in June 2019, exceeded 100,000 subcrebers in just 11 months due to hard work and consistency. Akash helps new bloggers through video tutorials so they don’t have any trouble blogging. Akash is also a motivational speaker as his videos keep inspiring people.